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Creative Circle Media Consulting provides design, management consulting and training services to publishers of newspapers, magazines, newsletters and web sites. The group redesigns publications, improves content and usability, grows revenues and reengineers workflows. CCMC is people focused, placing training, team building and culture change foremost in every project. The group provides a family-friendly workplace and specializes in working with family-owned companies.
Sprintout Internet Services, LLC develops customized software and on-line applications for today's information management and publishing challenges. Sprintout's unique capabilities and products allow their clients to manage and update web site content while streamlining print material production; integrate varied content within a selected template "on the fly" and assemble and manage database information from diverse sources through a single intuitive interface.
Eyetools provides tools and services to measure eye-movement as people look at webpages to quantify what people read, what they don't read, what they glance at, what they skip, and what they never see. This is then correlated to their clicks, comments, and actions. Clients typically use the data to guide the redesign of their website (or shopping cart, or email campaign, or landing pages) to make sure that what they want people to be reading on their website is, in fact, read.

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