Our experienced team

Unlike other system vendors, we understand newspapers and their readers and advertisers.

Bill Ostendorf has been a leader in the newspaper industry for more than 25 years, serving as a consultant to more than 100 media companies on three continents. As president of Creative Circle Media Consulting, he has led nearly 400 industry seminars and has redesigned more than 100 publications to make them more reader friendly. He knew not only what is wrong with existing systems but also what readers and advertisers would want in the next generation of web entry.

To create adQ, Ostendorf teamed up with web expert Jay Higgins, president of Sprintout Internet Services, who brings decades of experience in web development and print production. Sprintout specializes in solving complicated archiving and production challenges for major corporations. The Higgins family also once owned a printing services company, so he understands the production needs of newspapers.

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